You're a person, not a product.

Clovyr helps people and teams run software in their own cloud account (and lots of other places, too). You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use apps that treat you better.

who uses open-source, self-hosted apps?
Here are just a few types of folks who use Clovyr to set up and manage their self-hosted apps.
Clovyr makes it easy for anyone to run apps that might otherwise take a tech whiz to set up. Even people who have self-hosted for years love how painless Clovyr makes managing multiple apps at once.
Both engineers and operators can maximize time spent building value for the team when they minimize time spent troubleshooting app deployments.
With Clovyr, businesses can save money on ballooning per-seat SaaS subscriptions by exploring open-source alternatives, without needing a dedicated devops team to manage the infrastructure.
Think globally, act locally runs locally in your browser and communicates directly with your app hosts. One Library for all your apps, wherever they run.
Integrated IDE for developer-facing apps & services
Some of the apps in the Clovyr Garden are developer tools. Wherever possible, we’ve integrated Clovyr Code so that you can jump into building right in the browser, without setting up a separate developer environment.
Host where you're comfortable
Whether you're running a bespoke home server or you can't tell a cloud from a clover field, we'll find a home for your apps that fits your style.
One click launches, zero ads
Get a new app up and running in seconds, no configuration know-how required. Enjoy your apps anytime, without paying for access with your privacy.

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