Growing a better internet

Decentralized, together.

Growing a better internet

Decentralized, together.

We believe that software, networks, and all sorts of systems should be accessible, empowering, and accountable. From making self-hosted software fun again to helping enterprises derive better insights from less data, we’ve never given up on the promise of the Internet as a force for good.

Now Available: Clovyr Code

In the time it took to read this, you could have been writing code

Clovyr Code is:

On-demand, web-based development environments you own
The seamlessness of serverless, with the privacy and control of local
Familiar VSCode powered prepopulated with favorite tools
Extend and modify your favorite workspaces to make them your own
Connect to public or private repos on GitHub, GitLab, or internally
Simplify contributing to open source projects by sharing builds-that-work

Try it now

No credit card, account signup, or git authentication required

Plant the seeds for a different kind of ecosystem

Take back your data

Self-hosted applications for everybody, no tech know-how required (but you can get under the hood, if that's your thing)

Connect to the webbernext

Private, dedicated infrastructure for Web3, dapps, and the decentralized web now as easy as flipping a switch

Build something brand new

The power and security of developing locally with the simplicity and convenience of serverless

Decentralized applications

Coordinated workflows

Multiplayer apps

Mutualized infrastructure

Enterprise blockchain

Whatever you call it, we have the tools to help you build it.

Cultivating a new way of doing things.

With our platform and our culture.

A startup in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Clovyr is working with some of the brightest minds around the world. Get to know us.

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