Use apps that treat you better.

Say goodbye to expensive software subscriptions and companies that turn your data into their profit. Run apps anywhere, use them from your browser.
To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
A few large tech companies have too much power and many tech startups make us pay for the convenience they offer with our private information. But it doesn't have to be that way, and we've never given up on the power of the internet as a force for good. Whether you're building peer-to-peer applications or exploring self-hosting your own software for the first time, you are helping decentralize the web. Thank you!

Clovyr makes it easy to use, share, and build software that treats people better

Popular apps, up and running in seconds.

Take a stroll through Clovyr’s Garden to find trusted open-source alternatives to data-hungry apps and websites. Launch with a few clicks into your own cloud account (always free) or host with us. Either way, your data is always private and always yours — even your automatic backups are end-to-end encrypted.

Get more users for your app by making self-hosting fast and easy.

Clovyr is the bridge between a Docker image and a running app in a user’s hands. Help people and teams of all technical skill levels host where they feel most comfortable, without maintaining target specific deployment scripts.

Simplify contributing code to your favorite open-source project.
Clovyr Code is full-featured VSCode, with terminal access, in the browser. With all the code, tools, and examples for a project deployed in a single click, supercharge your project’s developer experience and watch the community grow.
Connect your browser directly and privately to your own infrastructure.
Whether you run your apps in your existing cloud account, with Clovyr Hosting, on your home server, or all of the above — you get the same great features and user-friendly experience.

We’re in good company


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