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Simplify the blockchain complex

Better collaboration, better solutions.

Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to the blockchain domain, for the first time offering a unified way to create, deploy, manage, and extend applications whether they are destined for the public Ethereum network or a private consortium ledger.

More than just a development framework, Clovyr is an ecosystem of applications and services—almost all open source—that empowers teams of all sizes to experiment and iterate more quickly, bring products to market that will run in a cloud or in an on-premises production environment, and enable new features as needs change, reducing potential rework and driving down the cost of innovation.

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A hybrid approach to network access

Clovyr for permissioned networks

Build rapidly, integrate strategically

  • Test and build with best-in-class components from blockchain startups across the globe. Simple self-service plus white glove support when needed.
  • Leverage a rapidly growing community of cross-industry Fortune 500 partners. Access financial market data, ERP integration, big data hooks, favorite tools, and more.

    Flagship partners to be announced soon

Stay flexible in a constantly evolving world

  • Host with Clovyr, a preferred cloud, or on-premises. Build networks simply and securely wherever you want.
  • Parity, Quorum, or Geth—build, deploy, and manage consistently across projects.

One dashboard for everything

  • Access per-project management and billing views, with the organization level tools modern businesses expect.
  • Monitor usage of free tools and choose how you'd like to pay for premium services and support. No special tokens needed.

Clovyr for public networks

Get to the fun part faster

  • Use Clovyr hosting to deploy in minutes, or take our Kubernetes containers to the infrastructure of your choice.
  • Mashup your favorite foundational services securely—e.g. user authentication, a wallet provider, and a data oracle—then focus on building out your unique vision.

Choose wisely, build safely

  • Compare developer apps based on their privacy model, published security audit results, core team size, business model, and more.
  • Explore and import libraries of elements sourced from community repositories as well as audited contracts built by Clovyr to bridge and enhance services, securely.

Extend your reach

  • Partner with Clovyr to reach a wider market for the tools and apps you create.
  • Choose whether or not, and how, to monetize open source code.
  • Apps in the Clovyr ecosystem can be spun up and scaled quickly, or combined into new apps. It's all about catalyzing faster, secure development.

A sneak peek

The benefit of a hybrid approach.

The flexibility you need to evolve.

Clovyr's hybrid approach gives you the power to enable different services as your needs change. Among other things, you might...

  • Interact with permissioned and enterprise networks, or the public Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems

  • Pin permissioned chains to public ones to increase their immutability

  • Explore self-sovereign identity and authentication for your users

  • Publish and access zero-knowledge attestations

  • Perform data analysis across private data held elsewhere

We're ready when you are.

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