Build, share, find, and use apps that treat you better.
The internet has a problem...
A few large tech companies have too much power. But it doesn't have to be that way, and we've never given up on the power of the internet as a force for good. Whether you're deep into the world of peer-to-peer applications or just thinking about taking back control of your data for the first time, you are helping decentralize the web. Thank you!

Run apps anywhere.
Use them from your browser.

Full-featured VSCode, with terminal access, in your browser.
Now in beta! Connect to any git repo, with ready-made environments for popular programming languages. All the privacy and control of local development, accessible from anywhere.
Got a Docker file?
Simplify deployment and watch your community grow.

Write once, run anywhere manifests save time and put users in control of where they deploy your app.

Clovyr's deployment framework doesn't rely on a centralized app store so there are no approvals and no de-listing.

Break open walled gardens for good.

Monetize your content without the middlemen. Self-custody your own blockchain node. Start a bookclub without any trolls. What will you do with the decentralized web?

Find and use apps that treat you and your data better, no tech know-how needed. Coming Soon.

Connect your browser directly and privately to your own infrastructure.
Whether you host with wNext by Clovyr, in your existing cloud account, on-prem in Kubernetes, on your home server, or all of the above — you get the same great features and user-friendly experience.

We’re in good company

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"Clovyr aims to help consumers, developers, and businesses explore the nascent, albeit burgeoning, world of decentralized technologies."

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