We make it easier to use apps that treat you better.

Clovyr is browser-based ecosystem that allows you to find and run open-source alternatives to popular apps.
We believe that providing excellent products to both end users and the development community is the best way to create a verdant & ethical digital culture.

Learn how you can use Clovyr:

For you or your team—get popular open-source apps up and running in seconds.
Open-source alternatives to data-hungry apps
Browse the Garden, where you can try open-source alternatives to data-hungry apps. Launch an app with just a few clicks.
Assemble an app stack for your team
We’ve curated great app alternatives for design and product teams that are much less costly than their SaaS competitors.
Your browser-based homescreen
All of the apps you run through Clovyr get locally stored in a library that you can access in your browser, anytime.
Learn more about who can benefit from Clovyr, and dive deep on how it works to run apps out of your browser:

Or if you're a publisher, see how you can

publish your app with clovyr

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