Growing a better internet

Decentralized, together.

Growing a better internet

Decentralized, together.

The internet has a problem:

A few big companies have too much control.

But it doesn't have to be that way, and we've never given up on the power of the internet as a force for good.

Clovyr makes it easier to build, distribute, find, and use software that treats you and your data better.

Whether you're deep into the world of peer-to-peer applications or just thinking about taking back control of your data for the first time, you are helping decentralize the web. Thank you!

For Developers

From the first line of code to end-user deployment

Now in public beta! Clovyr Code

On-demand, web-based development environments you own
The seamlessness of serverless, with the privacy and control of local development
Familiar VSCode environments preset with common tools for popular languages
Extend and modify your favorite workspaces to make them your own
Connect to any public or private git repo: GitHub, GitLab, internal, or elsewhere
Simplify contributing to open source projects by sharing builds-that-work

Private beta

Cultivate contributions

Forget installing dependencies, share a ready-to-go reproducible build for your project that runs on-demand in anyone's browser - no signups required.

Sound interesting? Get in touch.

For Early Adopters

Private, dedicated infrastructure now as easy as flipping a switch

Web3, Blockchain, & DeFi

Connect applications to nodes you trust: your own

DWeb & The Fediverse

Join a community or start a new one

We're testing nodes & integrations now for many popular projects.

If you are working on a p2p protocol and would like to help out, let us know.

For Everybody

Self-hosted applications in any cloud, no coding or tech know-how required

Pick something from our Garden

Take back control of your data
Use remote collaboration software that keeps your team's data private
Write a blog without your content being the blog host's product
Organize events without sharing participant data with social media giants
Run a voice chat server for your friends in a cloud account you already have

Calling all open source mantainers

Watch your community grow

Got a Docker file? Skip the cloud-specific deployment instructions and empower people to self-host your open-source application anywhere in a few clicks.

Clovyr's deployment framework doesn't rely on a centralized app store to deliver software. No approvals process, no de-listing. We plan to open source the whole thing, but for now, if you're interested in learning more, please get in touch.

More than mission driven

At Clovyr we build systems that respect people:
the people who make them, the people who use them, and even the people who don't.

The only dark patterns we're cool with are in our night mode.

Brooklyn born, with a team distributed around the U.S. Work with us.

Clovyr in the press

We're in good company

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