for contributing developers
for users running apps
Let your users skip the Docker headaches and get to the good stuff.
Are you missing out on your target audience because they're not Docker-savvy? Let them skip straight to seeing your app in action with Clovyr's Run button-- one click opens a customized launch wizard that lets them choose their own settings and launch into their cloud or ours with just a few clicks.
Get your users up and running with just a few clicks.
The Clovyr launch wizard is customized to your app's needs, allowing you to select default settings and allowing your users to change settings as they see fit. Whether they launch into their own cloud, or select Clovyr Hosting for our transparent pricing, they can have your app installed and running in minutes.
Devs don't want to get bogged down building an environment-- launch a fully customized environment with one click.
Setting up an environment is one of the top friction points where projects lose interested developers, they came to play, not to set up yet another environment before they can get started. Clovyr's fully custom environments let them dive straight into the action-- looking at your architecture, writing code, or building custom features within minutes.
Developers access a Custom VSCode interface with all of your project’s files and libraries pre-wired so they can get to the business of contributing to your project.

Keep track of engagement or contributions on our publisher dashboard.

See how many individuals have run your app or built your project over time. Tweak your application profiles, and get access to sharing tools.

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