Convert More Users
90% of potential users abandon ship when they see “Docker is the best way to deploy this app”.
  • Containers might be a no-brainer for developers, but most people don’t have the time, patience, or know-how to set up an app from a Docker image, let alone from a helm chart or source code. Even developers find it tedious to maintain self-hosted apps over time.
  • Clovyr is the bridge between Docker and a running app in users’ hands.
Increase Commits
Help your favorite open-source developer community grow with instant-launch developer environments.
  • Clovyr Code is VSCode, in your browser, with a real terminal, backed by a full VPS that’s private just for you. Want more? Environments launch in seconds.
  • Clovyr Code environments can be customized with all the tools and configurations needed to dive into building on a specific repository, saving hours of setup time.
Decentralized distribution
Every community deserves its own garden.
  • The Clovyr Garden is one view of a set of app manifests, lovingly curated by the Clovyr team. Soon, anyone will be able to create, share, and independently host their own app manifests and catalog.
  • Tear down those walled garden app stores! This is software distribution, decentralized.

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