"Cyberspace is an act of nature and it grows itself through our collective actions." -John Perry Barlow

You're a person, not a product.

Finding and using open-source, privacy-conscious, and decentralized alternatives to today's data-hungry apps can be overwhelming. We're here to fix that.

One click launches, zero ads
Get a new app up and running in seconds, no configuration know-how required. Enjoy your apps anytime, without paying for access with your privacy.
Host where you're comfortable
Whether or you're running a bespoke home server or you can't tell a cloud from a clover field, we'll find a home for your apps that fits your style.
Think globally, act locally
Clovyr.app runs locally in your browser and communicates directly with your app hosts. One Library for all your apps, wherever they run.

The easiest way to grow your community of open source contributors and users.

build with clovyr code
Full-featured VSCode, with terminal access, in the browser.
  • On-demand, web-based development environments
  • Powered by open source and full-featured VSCode
  • Connect to any git repo, public or private
  • Ready-made environments for popular languages
  • Extend and modify your favorite workspaces
  • Make open source contributions a snap
distribute with leaf
Clovyr is the bridge between a Docker image and delighted new users.
  • Forget asking users to dig through READMEs and spending hours writing cloud-specific install scripts. Write one application manifest, empower users of all technical skill levels to run your app anywhere.
  • The Clovyr Garden is the easiest place for new users to discover new apps, but you can publish an application manifest anywhere on the web and people can launch it with the same friction-free user experience.

Let's get decentralized, together.

Clovyr Code is the first application that runs atop Clovyr Leaf, our flagship engine that makes it super easy to run any self-hosted application (almost) anywhere. Instead of needing to use a specific company's app store, Clovyr Leaf runs privately in your browser to help deploy and manage your apps.

For Clovyr Leaf to know how to work with an app, it ingests an application manifest. Manifests are written in JavaScript or Dhall and are more powerful and readable than YAML. Right now we're building and testing the manifesting language. Once we open source it, anyone will be able to create and share a manifest for their favorite open source app.

Manifests can live anywhere on the web. Because Clovyr Leaf runs locally in the browser, there's no difference in the user experience between an app deployed from the Clovyr Garden or anywhere else. No app store approvals, no de-listing.

Want to know more? Drop us a note.