Clovyr for Business

From pilot to profitable

Better tools, better solutions, happier teams

Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to next-generation applications: ones that help businesses connect in new ways while keeping sensitive data safe. Create, deploy, manage, and extend applications whether they cross departments, companies, or industries.

At Clovyr, we think differently. We think you shouldn't just have API access to someone else's infrastructure, you should control your own. We think both small teams and large enterprises deserve the convenience of SaaS and serverless architecture without having to share access credentials with third parties (including us). We think security isn't a checkbox, it's a mindset. We think you'll like it.

For startups

Simplify and secure your team's shared coding practices. Whitelabel our infrastructure management tools and spend more time on your secret sauce.

For enterprise

Standardize dev tools and processes. Turn fragile POCs into robust applications. Move at your own pace and stay secure while connecting to shared networks.

Finally, an Innovation Lab toolkit so good the whole company will want to use it ...and with security and compliance features like these, they can!

Move fast and don't break things

Builds that just work
  • Fire up on-demand, web-based development environments with just one click.
  • Customize and share project-specific builds with your team or the world.
You already know this
  • There's no learning curve with our familar VSCode workspaces powered by Code Server.
  • Make it your own with the full universe of VSCode plugins.
Privacy by design
  • Code for the Next Big Thing is valuable! Get the privacy of local development with the convenience of serverless.
  • Access public and private GitHub/GitLab/internal repos without authorizing any third parties.

Enterprise blockchain made accessible

Something for everyone
  • Dev environments loaded with all the goodies
  • Ops tools that help small teams manage big systems
  • Management dashboards for actionable insights
Fine tune your focus
  • Keep up with best-in-class tools from open source communities
  • Prototype consistently across protocols
  • Spend more time on value-add use case development
Move at your own pace
  • No more moving in lock-step with industry consortia
  • Manage your own secure command center while safely connecting to external partners

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