Any browser, any git repo, any cloud

Clovyr Code is VSCode in your browser. It connects and communicates directly with your git host, without sharing any credentials or information with anyone else, including us. The current beta creates ephemeral, private VPS instances via Clovyr hosting with no sign-up required. We'll be releasing the ability to target any cloud or on-prem instance soon.

Get that cozy feeling of developing locally on a machine you control, with the freedom to never worry about setting up project-specific environments again.

But it's about more than just an IDE

Clovyr Code is the first publicly-available application that runs atop Clovyr Leaf, our flagship orchestration engine that makes self-hosting any application in any cloud just as easy. Leaf runs privately in your browser to help deploy and manage your apps.

For Leaf to know how to work with an app, it ingests an application manifest. We're building a human-readable language for publishing manifests, with the goal that anyone who can write JavaScript can make any app work with Leaf - no app store approval needed. (And yes, it will be open source.) Interested in learning more about creating a manifest for your open-source app? We're looking for testers, please get in touch!

On-demand, web-based development environments you own
The seamlessness of serverless, with the privacy and control of local
Familiar VSCode powered prepopulated with favorite tools
Extend and modify your favorite workspaces to make them your own
Connect to public or private repos on GitHub, GitLab, or internally
Simplify contributing to open source projects by sharing builds-that-work

No credit card, account signup, or git authentication required

Remote development made simple, without the tradeoffs

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